Why Residential?

MindFire IT also has a branch called “MindFire Computer Services” available at 603-528-5858.  It is a mobile computer assistance business dedicated to helping small offices and mostly residential clients with things like:

  • New Computer Setup and File Moves
  • Computer Backup Installs and Restores
  • Virus Removal and Prevention
  • Hardware Repair and Upgrades
  • Printer Installs and Networking
  • Wireless Network Setups and Upgrades
  • Website Maintenance and Simple Web Setups
  • and More!

What a lot of other computer service people might ask is “Why?”.  The reason is that MindFire has an internal training program that takes bright individuals and teaches them what they need to know, from the ground up.  We find that experience is the very best teacher.  It also allows us to institute our own training that is much different and more intense than many certification programs.  It includes training in Communication, Procedural Thinking, and Perpetual Learning.

The graduates of this training often go on to work with us on the Commercial side of the business as Technicians.  Many of our Techs have become Database Administrators, Project Managers, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Software Developers, Software Engineers, Certified Trainers, and many other professional IT positions.  No, they don’t all stay with MindFire but become independent contractors or work directly for some of our previous customers.

Are you someone who wants to get into the Information Technology industry?  Not afraid of a lot of work and a different way of learning?