Software Engineering and Development

Part of our business was built on custom application engineering and development.  Businesses have often come to us to solve problems with software that fits the need.  There are many times that commercial software that already exists is not the right fit.  Our development resources are all U.S.-based people who have a passion for problem-solving.  We also maintain a very large custom code library that helps us develop your solution faster than you might think possible.

After development we can also offer training and even help desk support for the software.  About 90% of our development clients also choose to be a part of our Continuing Development program that lowers the price of adding features to their software over time.

Some of our more recent work includes:

  • Customer Service Software for a small Manufacturing company
  • Kiosk Control Software for a large Kiosk Vendor
  • Customer Relationship Management software for a large Manufacturing company
  • Mobile Driver Log App for a Delivery company (iPhone, iPad, and Android)
  • Hardware Control Software for a Precision Machining company